European Pioneer 14 April 2016


Hey guys! I’m going on the European Pioneer on 14 April - 19 May 2016. I was wondering who will go on that one too! I’m a 18 years old female from Brazil :slight_smile:


Hey, anyone going on this one too?



I’m also going on this trip!

Fiona, 26, from Ireland


Hey Fiona! Are you staying prior to the trip somewhere? I’m staying 1 week in Lisbon then 1 week in Paris! And after the trip 4 days in London!


No, I’ll be in the UK a few days beforehand staying with my sister but not decided yet when I’ll be in london. Lisbon and Paris will be lovely! Not been to either yet but have heard good things!! :slight_smile:


Hey guys!
I’m on this trip too. Staying at the hostel two nights before hand. What about you guys?
Solo female traveler, 28 from NZ. Yay not long to go now!



Hello! I’m staying at the hostel too, but the one in Paris… But see you on the trip!


Hey Victoria, Sounds great! You’ll have to scope out some good places for us!
Happy to chat on Facebook too if you like? Might set up a Facebook group to connect everyone.
Im Janelle Foster, NZ.


Hello Janelle! That’s great! Yes you could definitely create a group on facebook! Also, my facebook is Victoria Wolff my coverphoto is a yellow cablecar!


Hey Victoria!
I’ve just created a facebook group - labelled ‘European Pioneer - April 14th to May 19th 2016’.
I tried searching for you on Facebook but with no success, so hopefully you can find the group page!
Chat soon