European Pioneer 14 April - 19 May 2016


Hi there,
Solo traveller, travelling on this trip next year.
Wondering if anybody else has booked this trip? And what are the MUST dos whilst in Europe!?


Hey, booked this one also! Solo traveller from Brazil :slight_smile:



Just booked this trip! So excited! Solo traveller. Fiona, 26 and from Ireland! :smiley:

Is it your first trip to Europe?


Hi Fiona!

Maddy, 22 from NSW, Australia.

Yes first trip so excited! Doing a tour before this one though throughout the UK, Ireland, Wales and Scotland!


Hey Maddy!

You’re getting a lot done while over this part of the world!!!

If you’re looking for must dos in Ireland I can defiantly give you those! Try a Guinness and an Irish whiskey if you’ve not tried it before! Scottish and Irish whiskeys taste different. I find Scottish whiskey more peaty tasting. So possibly worth trying it in both countries and comparing??? If you go to Northern Ireland, they do the best fries! Try an Ulster fry. Other traditional foods are Irish stews and bacon and cabbage. And I’ve just realised that I’ve only mentioned food and drink! lol But other must dos can depend on where you’re going in Ireland.


I figured I’m over there so may as well do it all right? Thanks for all the tips. Will definitely have to try and will let you know! And you had me at fries hahhaha!


Hey guys! I’m booked on this trip too. Not long to go now!
Janelle, Solo female traveler, 28 from NZ!

I’m looking to travel around Ireland post the trip! Your suggestions sounds great
Are you guys planning anything after the trip?



Hi Janelle! No not long at all! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
That sounds fun! I am planning on travelling around Europe after the tour as well I just haven’t decided on where. I have a month afterward where I have no plans.

I will also be in London before the week before the tour begins if anyone is around love to have a catchup!


Hi Maddy,
Sounds amazing! Where through Europe you planning on going post trip?
I have 8 days at the end of the trip before flying back to NZ. Thinking of heading up through the UK to Scotland and then to Ireland if I have time. Im just going to wing it and see.
You staying in the hostel the week before? I’ll be there. Would be great to catch up :slight_smile:


Hi Janelle,

That sounds fun. I have a few places in mind, I have a friend in Wales that I’d like to see and in Germany too. I’d love to see turkey and Portugal but I’m not too sure I will get there. Yes, staying in the hostel the week before. You can add me on Facebook if you like that way we can organize it easier when over there? My name is Madeline Stojiljkovic
Maddy :blush:


Hi Maddy.
Wales sounds great! I think a hop on hop off bus would take you there?
The hostel looks awesome - I like the underground bar thing. I think I fly in on the 11th so I’m keen to meet ya there for a catch up.
I’ve added you on Facebook so we can catch up.
Let the count down begin! :slight_smile:


Hey Guys!
I’ve just created a facebook group - labelled ‘European Pioneer - April 14th to May 19th 2016’.
Hopefully you are on facebook and can join the group!
Chat soon


Hey guys!
I’ve also booked :grin:
My names Bayley I’m a 19 year old Aus
Getting keen