European Pioneer 13th September- 19th Oct


Is anyone else on this tour? I’ve just booked mine. Solo traveller from NZ


Hey! I just booked this trip on these dates too, solo traveller from Australia :slight_smile:


Yay! So good to know there is another solo traveller !


I’ve booked this tour aswell! I’m travelling solo so it’s nice to see there will be a few of us! :slight_smile:


My partner and I have also booked this tour. Leaving from Melbourne, Aus. Soooo excited!!


I’ve booked the Boulevards & Beaches tour that encompasses the European Pioneer tour. My trip starts on Sept 13, in London, and finishes on Sept 21, in Barcelona. I’m leaving from Brazil. I’ve booked 3 extra days before the trip starts in London. :slight_smile:
Excited for this!