European Pioneer 13th Sept 2017 - 19th Oct 2017


Hey there,

Just wondering if anyone is looking at or has booked this tour? My partner and I are booked in and excitedly counting down!


I have just booked in for this tour! Can’t wait


I’ve booked for this tour! Very nervous/excited. I’m travelling solo :grimacing:


Yayy! I have previously travelled solo on Contiki tours. You will have so much fun! Looking forward to meeting you both :grin:. We are travelling over a week or so before hand from Melbourne. When do you fly over?


Looking forward to meeting you all!! I’m in America for 3 months before hand then i fly to London 2 days before the trip :slight_smile:


Oh awesome! Sounds fun. We are starting the tour from Paris.


I’m travelling straight to London on the 9th september. Staying at the wombat hostel where the tour kicks off!


We have a group of 4 coming from Perth, Australia for the tour! Counting down already