European Pioneer 12th May 2011


Hi guys,
My husband and I are booked on this tour and wondered if anyone else has booked it as well. Would be awesome to meet people before hand since we’ll all be traveling together :slight_smile: … What are you bringing for your luggage…suitcase or wheeled backpack?

Any advice from those who have previously been or going on this trip about luggage would be greatly appreciated.

Super excited as it’s only 17 weeks and 5 days away, yay!!!

Christina :slight_smile:


Hi Christina,
I’m booked for this tour too, can’t wait!! I’m bringing a wheeled duffel bag type thing, hope it does the trick. Am planning to pack really lightly so I’ve got room to buy heaps of cool stuff, but we’ll see how much luck I have with that… I think that time will fly and it’ll be May before we know it, I really need to start getting organised!!

Look forward to meeting you guys soon,



Hey Louise and Christina
I’m doing this tour solo, a bit scared, but very excited! Are you guys staying at the Clink Hostel before the trip? If so we should meet for a drink or something. Would be great to meet up before hand anyway.


Hi Erin,

I’m doing the trip solo as well, it’s going to be awesome!!! I get into London on the 11th and am staying at the Clink. Would be great to catch up beforehand.



Hey Louise!
So awesome to know someone else is on their own!
I’m going to be at the Clink on the 9th May til the trip starts. Lets definitely meet up for a drink or something!