European Pioneer 12 May


Hey everyone
Is anyone else going on this tour? I’ll be heading off to the UK on 9th May so if anyone wants to catch up before the tour would be great!
I’ll be staying at the Clink Hostel. Would be great to meet up for a drink the night before or something!


Hey Erin,

I’m Andy and I’ll be coming on this trip too! I found another person called Mike coming as well. I won’t be able to meet the night before but I’ll be at the Clink hostel bright and early (and possibly grumpy too - early morning starts lol)

Keep in touch!

Andy :slight_smile:


Hey Andy are you doing the Euro Pioneer or the Wonderer? I was looking at yours and Mike’s conversation and I think you are doing a different tour to me, but on the same day.



Wow that’s thrown me. I thought it would’ve been the same one as we were meeting at the Hostel.

I’m doing the 2 week trip going to Paris, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Amsterdam & Brussels.

Which one are you doing?

Andy :slight_smile:


im doing a different one, its euro pioneer and its for 5 weeks. Darn! oh well have a good time anyway