European Pioneer 12 Apr - 18 May 2017


Hi everyone! I have just booked this tour and am wondering who else has booked :slight_smile:


hey, I have booked on this. So excited, only 202 days to go


Hi there, I’ve booked on this trip. Can’t wait for it, the days can’t go fast enough!


You should download the app. Its pretty good.
Where are you both from?


Hi! Yeah can’t wait its gonna be a great trip! I’m from New Zealand, Chris I’m guessing you are from Australia??


Yes Melbourne Australia


Awesome haven’t made it to Melbourne yet. What are your other plans for Europe or are you just doing this tour?


I’m from Australia too! A small town in New South Wales. Going to Europe for 3 months doing this tour and a road trip through France, Italy and Germany afterwards!


I have friends / family in london so i will stay about 5 nights either end of the trip


Blake that sounds amazing! Yeah I’m doing two tours britain and ireland and this tour cannot wait. Finally the app is working for me :slight_smile:


Hey folks.
I have also just booked for this trip! Too keen!


I am thinking of booking this trip for next year, will you be travelling solo? I will be so i just need to pluck up the courage and just do it!


Hi Courtney, I’m travelling solo too I’m jumping between excitement and nerves everyday haha


Hi Blake! Will you be road tripping to France, Italy and Germany solo also? It is so exciting that you’ve booked this, i have to remind myself i will meet lots of people on the tour and make friends so it makes me feel a bit better that i wont be the only solo traveler if i do book it!


I am driving through those countries solo as going to be interesting to say the least! You’re exactly right about making friends when you spend so much time together on buses or tours it will be easy to get to know everyone


Hey Courtney! Yes i ll be travelling solo as well (if you were talking to me). I am sure a lot of people will be! It’s going to be great i am sure :smile:


Im also travelling solo. Nervous and excited too haha


Hi Lilmix! Where abouts will you be travelling from?


Hey guys! I am also travelling solo gonna be so much fun! Courtney you booked yet?


Hey guys, I am Trinity, from Melbourne and will be heading solo! I am really looking forward to meeting you all! I think it would be awesome to get to know some of you before leaving. I have never traveled before and going alone is really quite daunting.