European Pioneer 11 June 2017


Hi everyone!

I was originally booked on the summer fun & sailing trip (even made a discussion for it but idk how to delete it) but I’ve changed the tour and am now on the 37 day European Pioneer starting 11th of June and was wondering if anyone else is going on this tour?

I’m from Melbourne, Australia and I’ll be 23 on the trip and it’s my first big solo trip! I’d love to meet new people and will be staying with a friend from the 6-10th and then will be staying at Wombats on the last night before the tour begins (seeing as it was cheaper for me not to change my first flight). Would be keen to meet some people beforehand! x


Hi Nicole!

I’ll be going on this same trip as you! I’m really looking forward to it. I travelled with Topdeck to the US earlier this year (it was my first time overseas) and I had the time of my life!

I’m from Sydney and I’ll be arriving in London on May 29th and will probably be staying at the Generator Hostel. A friend of mine might be joining us on the trip too.

It’s super exciting … only a little over six months to go now!



Hey Elliot!

Oh yay!! I’m crazy excited too and am one of those overenthusiastic planners so I can’t wait to visit London and the rest of Europe! When the time comes we should meet with others and get a drink/meal!

You should download the Topdeck app, they have a group chat and there’s another girl who’s joining us on the trip :smiley:

Look forward to meeting you and your friend!



Don’t worry … I’m one of those overenthusiastic planners too haha. I’m trying to be a little more chill about this trip than I was about the US because I think half the beauty of these trips are the things that happen semi-spontaneously.

Yeah I’ve downloaded the app but I remember having a bit of trouble logging in when I tried. I’ll try again today!

And I think we should set up a Facebook group as well for this tour. We did that before the US tour and it was a great way for people to keep in touch and plan things together.

I might try and do that today too … haha


Haha spontaneity is the greatest! Bit hard for me as I do like doing things spontaneously but I’m also a very overenthusiastic planner :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh yeah we should definitely make a Facebook group soon!!


What’s your Facebook name? I’ll send you a friend request and I can add you once I create a group :slight_smile:



Just added you! My FB name is Nicole Ann :slight_smile:


Haha wow, you didn’t waste any time setting the group up! Add the other girl from the app too :slight_smile:


Here’s the link for the group if anyone from the trip wants to join!

European Pioneer - Departing 11th June 2017

I don’t have the other girl’s Facebook unfortunately! I should go ask her now haha!