European Pioneer - 10th May 2012


Tour booked & paid for. Countdown is on. Like everyone else I’m wishing it here sooner!

Loving the idea of this forum & wondering if anyone else out there is doing the European Pioneer Tour departing 10th May?


…starting to think it might be a lonely trip…


I’ll be there! ;D Cannot explain how excited I am hehe.


I’ll be there too! :slight_smile: Don’t worry, it won’t be a lonely trip! I am sooo excited! I only decided to go on this trip 2 weeks ago and it’s all booked and paid for already!


Oh yay!! Not that I thought I’d be alone coz it’s guaranteed but good to see your guys posts.
You guys planning on showing up just before trip? Staying after?
I’ve booked night before at Clink & have sorted 2yr UK visa so just guna see what happens.

It is impossible to express the excitment levels right? ;D ;D


I’m staying at Clink the night before and the night after and will be in London until June 14 - I’ve got to get back to New Zealand. Sounds good staying though! Especially with the Olympics! Sounds like you will have an exciting European tour and an exciting time in London!

I’ve been so busy lately so haven’t had time to think about the trip much, until I realised how close it is! Packing will be a nightmare! Just looked at the itinerary again and excitement levels definitely went up!


I will be staying at the Clink the night before and after also and will be heading back home to Australia after that though… Id love to be staying in London longer!
I don’t want to think about packing yet… What a headache!! lol

Cant wait to meet you guys! ;D ;D ;D


argh, packing = nightmare!
I have no idea what to take. I usually just get all excited, throw some random things in a bag & then regret not planning better!

Guess I could be catching you guys at Clink before tour departs if you’re both staying there. Have either of you talked to anyone else going yet?

15 sleeps to go!


I usually do the same when packing eeep.

Defiantly! I will be arriving in London at 5am on the 9th then straight to Clink… Do you’s have an international phone sim?
I haven’t spoken to anyone, nope.



Hey, wow I can’t believe how close it is. Seems like it last weeks there was heaps of times, but now I’m flying out on Sunday. I’ll be at clink for 3 nights before the trip going toooo be awesome :slight_smile:


It’s on guys! How unreal is this?
Might catch you tonight @ Clink - otherwise catch ya first thing tomorrow!!!