European Pioneer 10th July 2016


Hi, my names Cassidy, I’m 20 years old from Australia travelling by myself, just wondering if anyone else will be on this trip, keen to meet some new people and have a blast on this trip :slight_smile:


Hey Cassidy, I booked this trip yesterday! I am 25 travelling solo from Perth, so excited for this trip :slight_smile:


Oh awesome I’m so excited, are you staying at wombats beforhand?


I’m going to be staying at a friends place, but possibly the night before the tour starts I might stay there since it starts at 6am haha, are you staying there?


Yeah I am, I fly into London on the 8th so I’m there for a day and a half before so probably gunna explore London :slight_smile:


Oh cool, I get there on the 5th :slight_smile:

If you get yourself an oyster card that will come in handy for the day you are traveling around seeing the sights if you are using public transport. I’m not too sure what I will be doing before the tour starts yet but I am hoping to go see a show there, I think that will be awesome!


Yeah I was gunna do that, can you purchase the Oyster cards from Australia? Or only when you get there,?
Super excited, let me know what you end up doing :slight_smile: can’t wait to meet everyone :slight_smile:


Nah you can’t get them in Aus but they are at the tube stations so will be easy to get one. We can meet up and do something before the tour if you like :slight_smile: I can’t wait for this holiday! A couple of my friends did it last year and said it is amazing!


Yeah for sure that would be good, just add me on Facebook or something whenever 'Cassidy Piva’
Oh really that’s good to hear, should be awesome :slight_smile:



I’m Caitlin, from North of England. Literally just booked this trip an I can’t wait.

I’m 24 and travelling solo, first time I’ve ever travelled alone so thought I would try and get to meet some of you first :slight_smile:


Oh awesome yay, I’m so excited to meet everyone
So glad there’s other people going on there own aswell so at least I’m not the only one :slight_smile:


Hey Caitlyn :slight_smile: I am so excited for this trip too. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Have you girls got the top deck app? You can add your tour to it and there is a group conversation on there. Also maps and stuff. Though my maps aren’t working yet so I think they might only work when you are over there. It has a count down and only 68 days until the tour starts now. Not long at all :slight_smile:


I didn’t even know there was an app, that’s so cool,


Me neither. Will get that straight away.

Just need to try and pack light. Don’t know how Im going to fit everything in my suitcase


Hopefully it shouldn’t be too bad since its summer over there when the tour is so won’t need many bulky clothes. My friend did the tour last year and she only wore jeans at two places on the trip and she went earlier then this one so was a bit cooler.


Not a fan of the cold so hopefully it’s mostly nice warm weather haha, can’t waittttt :slight_smile:


Me too. So looking forward to another summer! It was 3 degrees the other morning here! So cold! Bring on Europe summer! :sunglasses:


Hey guys.
I’m Ashleigh from Brisbane, Australia and will be joining this tour halfway on the Eastern Link tour. We join up with you on the 25th July and finish the end half of the tour with you all! :slight_smile: I did a similar tour to the first half of your tour when I travelled 2 years ago so I’m just joining in Athens.

I’m 23 and will also be travelling by myself. Can’t wait to meet you all!


Oh cool! I completely forgot there would be people leaving and joining the tour. Perfect time to join just before Mykonos, so excited to go there!


Oh awesome, didn’t even know you could do that, but it makes sense haha, I’m so happy there’s people doing it by themselves haha makes me feel so much better, can’t wait to meet everyone :slight_smile: