European Pathways 24 August 2016


Hi :slight_smile: I’m Cait from South Africa. I’m booked on the European Pathways trip for the 24th of August, and was just wondering who else is going to be there. :slight_smile:


Hey Cait :slight_smile: I just booked this tour, so I’m super excited! I’m from Queensland, Australia :smile:


Hi Charlotte :slight_smile: great to hear you are also going! Are you staying in London before the trip? :smile:


Well I only arrive in England on the afternoon of the 22nd of August, so I will probably spend those two (very jetlagged!) nights in London, but I haven’t booked accomodation yet :slight_smile: What about you? What are your plans?


I only arrive in London on the morning of the 23rd and I think the tour starts from Wombats hostel so I’m staying there that night. :slight_smile: From what I’ve seen it looks really nice :smile:


Yeah, I’ve just booked two nights at Wombats before the tour and the night when we get back :slight_smile:


Awesome!! It will be nice to meet someone before the trip starts :slight_smile:


Hey guys! Me and a friend from new Zealand have just booked this tour!


Hi :slight_smile: Are you guys also staying in London before the trip?


Hello everyone im Dane from Auckland, New Zealand. I will be on this tour which I booked a few months ago now and was wondering who else was on it! Guess I know now :slight_smile:


Yea I will be in London from the 18th of August till the trip starts! You? :slight_smile:


I’m only arriving in London on the morning of the 23rd, but I’m staying there a few days after the trip :slight_smile: Where are you staying? :slight_smile:


I’m on this trip as well!
Cait - I’ll be staying at Wombat’s too so looking forward to seeing you there :smiley:

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Hi @acef2104 :slight_smile: That’s awesome! Looking forward to seeing you there too :smile: