european pathway


hello im just wondering if anyone else is going on the european pathway the 6th june as ill be by myself :slight_smile:


hey Emma! I’m Peter, 23 from Belfast in Ireland. I’m going on this trip. Literally booked it 10minutes ago! I’m also going on my own, first time I’ve travelled alone so a bit nervous! Where are you from? Are you staying in the Clink hostel in London before the tour begins?


Hello emma and peter, i am taking the tour by myself too. I am from mexico city! :slight_smile:


hello alexia! Glad to see there are now at least 3 people on this tour!!! :slight_smile: .

If everyone could go to Topdeck’s facebook page, click on “meet others”, search for the european pathway tour on 6th of June and add youselves so we can all meet each other on facebook pre-tour. :slight_smile:


My name is Dani, and my sister Sara and our friend Jon are coming on the trip… we’re from Australia and Germany (respectively).
Does anyone know whether Topdeck books us in to Clink hostel for the night before we leave? And is anyone staying there for a few nights beforehand?



hey guys i feel better now knowing im not the only one a lil scared to be on my own lol im from austrlia i wasnt sure that people where staying there i suppose i will :slight_smile: ill add that facebook page now so excited not long now :slight_smile:


aw really kool im sure well have a great time :slight_smile: im from australia central coast looking foward to meeting you do we need to book in there the night before ?


hey guys. I’m booked into the Clink Hostel in London on the night before but I had to add this on extra (it’s not included in the price of the tour, but topdeck can add it on). Looking forward to meeting everyone at Clink :slight_smile:




hey guys! i hope i can meet you before at the clink!! Its gonna be awesome, can’t wait! :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone,
Im travelling on this tour with my friend Siobhan from Scotland. Im from Sydney Australia.
Im excited to meet everyone & to have a fun time on this tour. :slight_smile: