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How are you? I will be going on the European Pathway tour from September 14 - 30th 2016. I was just wondering how long would the Vatican tour and which part of the the day the tour would be as my friend and I would like to book tours of the Colosseum and Rome Forum.

In Switzerland, are we able to do both the Jungfrau train journey and the helicopter ride or it still only the one activity as time may be a factor?

In Amsterdam, would there be time for my friend and I to complete a side tour and go out into the country side and go to Zaanse Schans Windmills, Marken and Volendam? Is the bike tour in Amsterdam compulsory or an extra activity?

In Paris, we have already booked for the free morning a tour which includes a tour of the Eiffel Tower, a river cruise and also a hope on and off which starts at 9am and goes for five hours. What time roughly would be the picnic beside the Eiffel tower?

Also is there a way that we can prebook our tour optional activities or do we have to wait and pay on the day?




Hey Ruth,

We are well and hope the same can be said for you :slight_smile: Hope you are getting excited for your upcoming trip with Topdeck!

The Vatican Tour goes from 2/12 - 3 hours and starts around 9am. So you are best booking your additional optional activities for after lunch.

As we only have 1 full day in Switzerland you will not have time to do both the Jungfrau train and the helicopter ride.

That is fine if you and a friend want to visit the country side on your free day :slight_smile: There is an included dinner that night, which is your farewell dinner with the group, but if you need to miss it that is fine. The bike ride is not compulsory - you just need to advise your Trip Leader that you will not be attending it.

The Paris picnic is your included dinner and commences around 7pm, giving you plenty of free time to explore Paris!

For all the additional optional activities you can either book them on your free day in the city, otherwise, our Trip Leader will be able to assist you and book the optional activities with the rest of the group :slight_smile:

If you have any further questions or queries please don’t hesitate to ask.

Topdeck Travel - Emma


Hi Emma,

How are you? Thank you so much for your help.



hey ruth,

i just got back from the same trip, you are in for a treat!

in switzerland we had two people skydive and still make the train for jungfrau, they only took one person up at a time for the scenic flight while two skydivers jumped. once the two got back down the sky dive team drove them to the station where they met the rest of the group, so it is possible! however very expensive to do both. just ask your tour leader when the sign up sheets are going around. theres plenty of hiking trails if you don’t go up jungfrau, the views are just as good! and they are free!

i recommend both bike tours in paris and amsterdam, looks a bit daunting watching the locals but you shouldn’t have any issues.

you can decide on what optionals you do pretty much straight before hand unless the tour leader says differently

hope this helps


Hi Hugh,

How are you? That is great to hear you had an amazing time. I so can not wait believe me. Thank you for the extra pieces of information. My partner when he went over for his Grand European tour said he had a blast skydiving in Switzerland. Thanks, I will make sure to ask the tour leader when the sign up sheets go around. Thanks for the tips also. I had a look at other activities and hiking tracks and there are some nice ones that I wouldn’t mind doing.

Thanks for the recommendations in Paris and Amsterdam. I have heard that the traffic is crazy especially in Paris.

I will be in England three days before the tour, two days after the tour. Those two days my friend and I are driving from London Liverpool via Portsmouth and Bristol. Then flying out from Liverpool to Dublin. We are in Ireland for 5 days driving ourselves around southern Ireland before flying back to Sydney.

Thanks again for your help Hugh. Very much appreciated :smile:

Kind regards