European Pathway Money $$


Hi I am travelling on the pathway leaving 14th Sep.

I read somewhere that you should exchange some Swiss Francs before your trip to help before finding an ATM. Now I can’t find where I read it. Does this still apply?

Also how much money should I carry on me? Is it better to carry very little and use my card more often?

Is it very easy to use your card in Europe? Very accessible?


They recommend about 70 Swiss francs on you to tie you over until you find an ATM.
It really is up to you with the amount of money you want to carry, just think if it gets stolen though is that your entire money for the trip gone?
Everyone is different when carrying money, I like to have just what I’ll need for the day on me, especially in Rome! You can always store money somewhere as withdrawal fees are different with every bank.
Hope this helps?


Also on this trip we go to Prague. Do I need to exchange some Czech Kroruna before I arrive?!?!?


Nah, Prague uses euro’s I’m fairly certain. If you look on the top deck website navigate around and somewhere on here a table will inform you of which countries accept which currency. My understanding is that Prague is a euro based economy.


Cool thanks I thought that might have been the case!

I’m off tomorrow!!! WOOOO