EUROPEAN PATHWAY leaving 21st September 2011


Hi Guys,
I am going on the European Pathway on the 21st of September! Is anyone else traveling on this?



Hey Lara!!
My name it Tracy!
i’ll be travelling on the same tour!
i’m sooo excited! not long now!
when are you arriving in london?
can’t wait to meet you!

:slight_smile: Tracy


Hey Tracy,
I get into London on the morning of the 20th. So I shall be staying at the Clink the night before.
What time are you getting in? Are you also traveling solo?
Are you on facebook?



Hi girls myself & my best friend will be on this tour! Feel free to find me on facebook alyce brooks


Hey Alyce,

There are a few people with your name! Have you been on a top deck tour before? Are you in London at the Clink the night before! We should organise drinks at the bar that night?


Hey Ladies!
Im on this tour too! Il be in london the week prior to the tour beginning.
Im getting pretty keen for this! Itl be my first time to a lot of these countries.


Well I was going to suggest catch up drinks in the bar at some stage the night before the tour. What time would suit? 7pm?


Me and a friend are also doing this tour, we are staying at clink the 19th and 20th!


Well how about meet in the bar at 8pm
On the 20th of September at the clink? We can meet everyone going on this tour.

Lara :slight_smile:


Hey sounds good to me. I didnt even think to stay at the clink im staying at st christopher for the week prior.
feel free to add me on facebook

at least then we will know who were looking for.