European Pathway - July 11th


Hi everyone,

I’m going solo on this tour and this is my first time in Europe :slight_smile:
Look forward to hearing from anyone else booked for the tour!!!


Hi mel, Europe is awsome i was there at christmas just gone and im booked on the european pathways tour in august the 15th cant wait to go back!


Hi Mel from Perth! I just booked my trip for the 11th of July too, and thought I should say hi. I’m stu from Adelaide. I live in London and really excited about the upcoming sunshine in Europe. If u get into London early and need someone to hang out with just let me know. It’s going to b awesome!!


Hi Stu,

Sorry for my delayed response!! Been very busy getting sorted!!
I arrive in London on the 27th of June but I’m doing a tour of Ireland for my 25th Birthday :slight_smile: I will be back in London on the 8th of July before our tour. Would love to catch up then. Are you on facebook - that is going to be my way of communication once I leave Aus next week!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for getting in touch!!