European Pathway Aug 23-Sept 8


Hey guys,
Im Laura from Australia and really want to do this tour in August. Im 21 and an Aussie and will be 99% sure going over solo. Just curious if anyone else is going? :slight_smile: Cheers!


I’m 22 and from Australia too. I’ve booked to do this tour, are you still going?


Hey! Oh yay really!!


Hey! I’m doing this tour but August 2-18 :slight_smile:


Oh damn! I’m going later on! :frowning: hope you have a lovely time


Yeah and I’m going on my own too. My first solo trip so I’m freaking out big time haha!


Hey louise… im 24 from Australia, just booked this tour to, im travelling solo, and spending the night at wombats before tour, are you stay there also?


Yeah I’m staying there too! I arrive in London at 7am the day before the tour starts so looking for a friend to have a look around London too if you’re interested?
Have you travelled alone before?


Oh thats wicked yeah im definitely interested but my flight dosnt get into london till about 2.30ish the day before but we could meet and still have a look around if you want? Nah its the first time by myself so im very excited tad nervous too! :grinning: are you staying there after the tour aswell?


Okay cool :slight_smile: I’m staying at wombats the night the tour finishes but I fly out the next morning. Where abouts from Australia are you from?


Hey! Yes I just went to my travel agent and am going on this tour too! Do
You guys have face book this will be awesome! :slight_smile:


How exciting! So glad to find people before it actually begins! I do but I’ve totally blanked as how to send you my url haha. Are you able to send yours? Or just search for me; Louise Knox :smile:


Haha I have no clue how to do that either :grimacing: Laura Price


/Laura.Price.376 I think is that it haha?


Figured it out! :smile:


This is going to be awesome!! Where are you flying out from? :wink:


Hi guys! I’m glad to see there are some others going solo on this trip. I’ve just booked after weeks and weeks of comparing all the trips! I’m pretty excited!

I’m Ngaio, 24 from Auckland and moving to London after this trip! :blush:


Hey Ngaio, YAY!! I’m so excited for you too! Do you have Facebook? its easier to chat not there if you were keen? can’t wait to hear from you :slight_smile:


Awesome! I just messaged you on Facebook, well hopefully I got the right person!


Hey guys!!

I’m 20 from QLD and I’ve booked this trip super last minute!

My Facebook is if anyone wants to chat! :slight_smile: