European Pathway 6th Jul 2016-22nd Jul 201


Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone out there is doing this trip as well


Hey mate,

My housemate are I are so keen for this trip…both Queensland aussie lads. Flying in on the 3rd, spending a few nights in London then can’t wait for the tour to kick off…

Where you from


Hey - my friend and I are from South Aussie and flying into London on the 3rd of July too before we start the tour! Super keen!


Hey guys,
My partner and I are doing this top deck tour on the 6th July also! Pretty excited!
We are staying at Wombats hostel before the tour starts as this is where it departs from on the 6th! would be good to all catch up before hand for drinks :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,
my boyfriend and I will also be doing this trip, both from north Queensland and arriving in London on the 4th of July. Look forward to meeting you all and having a drink at Wombats hostel. Super excited for this trip as it’s my first major international trip. :grin:
See you all in London, in July.


Me and my boyfriend are doing this trip and we are so so excited! From Sydney, Aus and will be getting to London July 4th! We will probably be at the Wombats hostel before as well :smiley:


Hey guys,

We’re staying at Wombats aswell from the 3rd of July. What’s everybody’s post tour plans, my housemate and I haven’t sorted our accommodation yet…is everyone just planning on staying at Wombats again or ?

This is our first time back packing which makes us both excited/nervous.

We only fly out on the 28th so would need to book something soonish? Thoughts as we were even thinking about maybe heading out of London for abit (north) as we’ll probably be over partying after 17 days of it.

I see we’re nearly all aussies on the trip and a few couples which will be awesome!!!


what is UP people? i canNOT wait for this tour to kick off… i hope you like to PARTY as hard as i do. who else is this keen? #TURNUP



Me and my friend are flying over from NZ for it, can’t believe how soon it is! Looking forward to meeting everyone :slight_smile:


hey guys!
keen as for this! only 34 days but who’s counting?! From Melbourne and first time travelling by myself! will be flying in on the 5th…looks like a few people staying at the wombats hostel the night before, perfect for pre trip beers!!! EXCITED AS


Hey everyone,
Since we are getting closer to the date does everyone want to meet up at the wombats hostel on the 5th around 6ish? that way we can all get to know each other and have a few drinks? I noticed that the majority of us are Australian or New Zealand, so we’ll all have a pretty big thirst for alcohol :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not staying at the wombats but our hotel is only a short walk away. I’m so fricken excited for this trip, I’ve been counting down since Jan :stuck_out_tongue:

See you all at wombats!


Hey! Sounds great! See you at the bar at 6! Wooo :slight_smile:


Yes we will be there!