European Pathway 5th-21st July


I was wondering if anyone has booked the European Pathway from 5th-21st July? I’m 20 and I’ll be traveling solo and from Sydney!


Hi! I’m considering doing this tour sometime in June or July! I’m 21 and travelling solo from New Zealand


Hi Tara! Oh that’s awesome! I’ve booked the July one from 5th -21st. Any plans before and afternoon the tour? @Tara_Dennehy


Thinking to travel after and maybe work in London for a bit! I will probably arrive in May or June to see my family in Ireland! Wbu?


That’s sounds awesome! I’ll be arriving just a couple of days before the tour and then I’m doing a Croatia sail with some friends once the tour is over and then a spending a week in Greece :blush: @Tara_D