European Pathway 3rd May 2017


Hey everyone!
Just wondering if anyone else has booked on this trip? I’ve just booked to go and I’m really excited and also a little nervous as i’m travelling solo! I’m 22 from the UK and planning on staying at wombats the night before the trip.
Anyone else please get in touch as it’d be lovely to speak to others booked on the trip!


Hi Lucy, my names Sarah. I’m originally from Wolverhampton but now live in Perth Australia. My friend Abhi and I have booked on this trip also. So excited. I wouldn’t worry travelling solo as I’ve done it a couple of times and there’s always heaps of people in the same boat. I’m 36 so will no doubt be the oldest person on the trip but who cares, you only live once and lives meant to be kept exciting. Looking forward to meeting everyone. I’ll be staying at Wombats 1st and 2nd May so will no doubt see you there.


Hey Sarah! thanks for replying i was starting to think i’d be going on my own!! Yeah i am really excited too and i’ve just booked into wombats for the 2nd and the 19th of may so i will see you both there!


Hi Sarah and Lucy, I am booking this trip too! Sarah I am 33 so we can hold down the fort together and party with the young ones! This is my first big trip and I am going solo! I am coming from Ontario Canada


Hi everyone! I’m Katie, and I’ll be travelling solo as well. I’m 28 and originally from the US but have been living in the UK since last September. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and having a great trip!


Hey Katie! Theres a facebook group for our group that we are travelling with!

Can’t wait now it’s so close!!!