European Pathway 31st May 2017


Hey guys just want to see if anyone else has booked this tour yet?


Im doing this trip next year. First time solo traveler. Hoping to meet anyone doing this trip too!


Glad someone else has booked, I was starting to think it might be pretty empty! My partner and I are in London for a few days prior but staying at the wombats Hostel the night before. First time Europe travellers.


Hey there everyone. First time solo traveller from NZ. Looking forward to meeting you all on this trip.


Hey Jason! Welcome! I’m Colin and I’m traveling with my partner Jaryd. Both first time topdeckers and first time in Europe. Staying in London a few days first, with the night before at the hostel the tour leaves from. Who else is doing this? We are also leaving the tour in Amsterdam to spend 6 days in Paris before flying home to Sydney.


Hi Colin, I too am staying in London before the trip with some family. Do you know the name of the hostel the tour leaves from? I don’t seem to have that info on me. Also, are you aware of any meet and greet the night before we leave? I know on some trips this is arranged but unsure if this is the case on this one.

I too will be leaving the tour in Amsterdam as my sister lives there.




Hi Jason, we are leaving at 6am from Wombats Hostel. My travel agent helped organise that for us. I don’t know of any meetings the night before but am happy to organise one if anyone else is keen?
We will be catching the train from Amsterdam to Paris. Getting pretty excited!


Hey, my name is Steven. I’m a solo traveller flying out of Melbourne on the 28th and arriving in London the next day where I’ll be staying at Wombats until the tour starts. If anyone wants to catch up for a pre-tour meet n’ greet, please let me know.
I’m looking forward to seeing you all in a few months time.
P.S Is anyone keen on skydiving in the Alps?


Hey Steve! I’m definitely keen for a pre tour meet. Hope a few people people find this chat and we can get some group together. If not I’m sure we will find a few on the night before!

Will this be your first time to europe?
I’d love to say I would skydive but way too chicken and would be and waste of money haha.


Hey Colin, I’ve travelled a bit in the past but never to Europe. If any of our fellow travellers are like me, they’ll stick out like a sore thumb so it wont be hard to find them.
You may be a Shepherd, but if you need a hand rounding people up just let me know :slight_smile:


Hey guys, Im Alissa, from New Zealand, and I’m booked on this tour too! Looking forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:


Hi guys! My name is Issy, I’m 19 and I’ve just booked my trip too! I am also staying in the Wombat hostel the night before (leaving Melbourne on 28th and staying with relatives). Really looking forward to meeting you all. Can’t wait!!!


Hi all, just booked. My name is Nadia, 28, my friend Jamie, 25 and I are coming from the US. We’re looking forward to the trip and meeting everyone. Has anyone done TopDeck before? This would be our first time with this travel group.


Hi guys! Getting pretty close now and keen to meet you all. I’ve heard there is a data limit per person on the bus for Wi-Fi, anybody else heard this? I did some research and I think there is a 30day roaming SIM with 12gb you can buy in London.