European Pathway 31ST AUGUST- SEPTEMBER 16TH, 2016


Anybody going in August??? 31st to September 16th??:joy::joy::joy:


I am!
Where are u from?




Hey!! I’m from New Zealand.!
What about you?
What’s your name?lol


It’s exciting to finally meet someone else on the trip!!! Lol @DanDan @a5h


I’m from Australia…
My names Ashleigh…wbu?


Oh true! Wow. Awesome! My name is Erana (maori) lmao When do you fly over to london?


Where abouts in Australia are you? I fly there before I go to london.


I fly over the 29th when do u? R u flying into Sydney?
Are u travelling solo?


Hey!! I fly into sydney for a few days and fly out too on the 29th? Not solo. With my other two girl cousins!! Are you solo travelling?


Oh Kool, are they doing the tour also? Yeah I’m going solo. How old are u if u don’t mind me asking?


Yeah their doing the tour also. I’m 24. How old are you?