European Pathway - 31 August 2011


Hi there.

I have booked to go on the European Pathway (17 day) Tour departing on the 31 August 2011.

Has anyone else booked for this tour? I know I’m a bit early asking in March if anyone has booked a tour at the end of August, but I just thought to see if anyone else had.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hello Ginblossom,

Me (Jack) and my mate (Oli) will be on there with you. Just booked a couple of days ago


Hi there.

My login seemed to expire so I’ve had to re-register.

Yay, I look forward to meeting you guys! I’m travelling on my own, which I am slightly nervous about. I’ve travelled on my own before and that’s not a biggie, but have never done a tour on my own. At any rate, it should be fun meeting everyone on our tour.

Are you doing any tours beforehand? I arrive in London on the 23rd, so I’ll try and do all the touristy side of things in the UK before the tour begins.

Anyway, good to hear from you.

Hope all is well in WA.


Thought I should sign in and say hi! I’m the Oli guy mentioned above and can’t wait for this trip to happen! I did a similar tour (but Contiki) a few years ago and had the best time in my life. We are also doing the Greek Island Hopper tour immediately after, just to put the icing on the cake.

P.S - On my last contiki trip I was originally planning to travel solo and was a bit nervous about the idea. I ended up going with a mate, but after going on the tour I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again on my own. Although most people on the tour went along with a good friend, everyone got to know each other quite well and probably spent less time with their friend than socialising with the other travellers.