European Pathway 2nd May 2012


Hi everyone!

My name is Tahlia, I’m 26 and I’m from Melbourne Australia.

I have just booked the European Pathway tour departing the 2nd of May 2012 - very exciting! Is anyone else here taking this tour? It’s at guaranteed departure but i couldn’t find any discusions about it on this forum or anywhere on Facebook. I will be travelling on my own and would be interested to find out who else is coming along :slight_smile:


Hi Tahlia,

I am wondering the same thing about this tour because I can’t find anything on it. I just booked my trip in July!!! So excited! How did you decide to go on this trip???


Hey Tahlia,
A friend and I are going on this tour (: I made a post sorta thing in the meet other tab on the topdeck facebook page. There another chick who’s coming with 4 friends haha. Still haven’t found many others who are going though. Small trips are awesome anyways less waiting on others (; more time to do random stuff.
Getting Closer now!!


My name is Emily. I’m from Adelaide, Australia. I’ll be on this tour with 3 friends too :slight_smile: So excited, it’s getting so close now!