European Pathway 27th of June 2018



I am booked for this trip and wanted to see who else on here was
I am from Perth, Western Australia and travelling solo for the first time (: (:


im not doing the same tour but i leave the same day and our trips start the same, so might run into you !


Probably! Where are you travelling from (:


Sydney !! Travelling solo as well :slight_smile: Are you staying at the generator before the trip?


Yes on the 26th are you?


yep same, i get into london that morning !!


Just booked this. I’m a solo traveller from Auckland New Zealand. Going to be a hoot!


Yay!! Are you arriving on the 26th or before… (:


I will be arriving into Paris (from Nice) on the 26th. Will join the bus in Paris rather than London


Hey guys,

Solo traveller from Melb departing at a similar time! Will be in London for a couple of days exploration prior to departure :slight_smile: anybody else doing something similar?


I am planning on booking this tonight! I would arrive the morning of june 26th. What airport are you flying in to?


I’m a solo traveller coming from Brisbane and will be staying at generator from the 22nd June. Is anyone else staying there before?