European Pathway 27 June


Hey I’m a solo female traveler, have just booked the European Pathways that departs on 27 June 2012. Anyone else doing this tour?? would be nice to meet before it all kicks off…

Cheers, Steph


Same here! Which city?


And our tour is full… (makes you think where the heck is everyone)


a group of 5 of us are doing this one! from brisbane


Thought id introduce the two of us going on this trip, from NZ don’t be jealous. just wondering what the average age of everyone on this trip was going to be. cheers.


Hey Im from Melbourne!!! Well Geelong actually… Doing this tour on my own!!! How old are you guys??? I’m 24


Gday, I’m Andrew going on this trip with ‘wolfpackbigdog’ haha. We both from Auckland and are 21. Wow your brave going on your own, it’s going to be such a good time can’t wait!


Haha, I’m glad I’m going on my own! Can’t wait to meet new ppl!!! I think Mattie is doing it on his own as well… What country are you guys most excited about???


Hey you guys should check out the topdeck facebook page and use the meet others thing on the left hand side…just find our tour then add each other xxx


Haha I can’t join the group coz I don’t have facebook haha. I’m pretty excited about everywhere to be quite honest, just excited to meet everyone and have a good time. U?


Hey guys! there are 3 of us doing this tour from melbourne!! cant wait for it!!