European Pathway 27 Apr - 13 May 2016


Hey Awesome People!!! I’m Davina and I’m from Toowoomba Quensland Australia. My good friend Addison and I have just booked this trip. This will be my first big trip and Addisons first ever trip so we are really excited!!! Would love to hear from everyone going so please don’t be shy and say hey :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m Jess from New Zealand and I just booked this trip! It will be my first time in Europe or anywhere near it so it will also be a first for me :smile: And I will be travelling solo which is also a first! Look forward to meeting you guys :smile:


Hey jess!! Can’t wait to meet u :smile: will be such an epic trip!


Hi, I’m Kennedy from England! I’m thinking about doing this trip too! Still undecided but hopefully I’ll pick up the courage to go on my own! Sounds really fun though :slight_smile:


For sure! It will be awesome :slight_smile: Whereabouts are you guys staying beforehand?

Hey Kennedy! I was looking around at a few other tours before settling on this one, seems like we get to see lots of different places and it’s not too long or short :smile:. Also I’m hoping to make friends pretty quickly so won’t feel alone for long!


Visiting a friend in London for a few days before hand then will probs stay at the top deck meeting point the night before :smile:
Kennedy u should so come!!! Will be an amazing experience and u will be with us so u won’t feel alone at all :slight_smile:


I think I’m going to book up before the end of the year! :smiley:

I think I might come down with friends before hand and stay in a hotel in London with them! If not I’ll probably come down the night before and stay on my own! I live in Birmingham :slight_smile:


Kennedy you should stay at the Topdeck meeting point the night before the tour leaves. It’s a backpackers in London somewhere. I plan on staying there the night before as the tour leaves at 7am. That way we will be able to meet before the tour :slight_smile: really hope you decided to come!!


Yeah that does sound like a good idea! It’ll be easier in the morning when we leave then I suppose! :slight_smile:


That’s what I’m thinking :slight_smile:


Hi girls. Is this post still active?

I am going to book this trip over the weekend :slight_smile: my name is Rachel and I am from Ireland. I will be a solo traveller. I would love to get to know a few of you before the trip :slight_smile: xx


Hi Rachel will be looking forward to meeting you :slight_smile: only 10 and half more weeks!!!


I can’t wait. I’m speaking to a few more girls on the top deck app from canada. Will you be staying in the hostel before the trip? I’ll be in London the day before so we should all try and meet.

I believe there are 21 booked on the trip so far out of a possible 50. So far 8 guys and the rest girls. They hope more people book on the bus :slight_smile: x


Its going to be great!!! There’s 5 in my group going. we will be in London a few days before. Myself and another person will stay in the hostel the night before. Not sure what the other 3 have planned. There’s an app. I’ll download it now :slight_smile:


Oh so you are going with 4 others? That’s a big group. Myself and the two Canadian girls are staying in that hostel the night before as well, we were planning to meet when we arrive.
Yes download the top deck app and enter your reference number, there’s a group chat for everyone on our trip.

If you would like to exchange emails or add each other on Facebook that would be great and we can all arrange to meet? Or get chatting on the app x