European pathway 26th June


Is anyone booked in on this? I booked today.

Flying solo, from Torquay, Victoria.


Hey! My friend and I from Perth, WA are going.

We’re 19, girls and pretty excited :slight_smile:


Yeah me too! The countdown is on!
Looking forward to meeting you girls!


Yeah definitely,not too long now!
When are you flying out?


I fly out on the 2nd of June (23 days, but whos counting.) My boyfriends over in the Uk playing cricket so I will go and stay with him for a bit before my tour. When do you fly out?
Are you girls staying at the click hostel the night before?


Oh wow nice! We don’t fly out until the 24th, but then we’re hanging around after the tour instead.
and Yep we’re staying there the night before and the night after, I think we’re in a two person room, but yeah clink 78?! :slight_smile: