European Pathway 25th July 2012


Hey guys! Anyone else going on the pathway tour beginning 25th July?? Im going solo so would love to meet anyone else going! :slight_smile:


Heya. My friend Kelly and i are comming, we are from NZ, there are about 3 aussie girls as well, they are on the forum on facebook. Where are you from?? :slight_smile:


Hey guys!

My cousin and I will be going on the trip. Both 25 from Sydney. Cannot wait to escape the cold weather and enjoy the heat in Europe! :slight_smile:


Hi guys :slight_smile: Great to hear from you

Im from the Uk (Bath)- Ive just finished my degree in Cardiff so thought I would go see some of the world before I enter the world of work!

Great to see some NZ/Aussies are on the trip, I will look forward to meeting you :slight_smile: Have you been to the UK before?? You should check out the city of Bath while you are here- its a great place :slight_smile:


Sounds like your offering to be our tour guide ben lol. Its the first time for me and kelly. We have been doing dsome work in aussie and are back in NZ so now time to travel a bit further abroad, so we are comming to london, the tis trip then new york and LA,


Hello :slight_smile:

Add another aussie girl on the list! 29…and ready to explore! Havent been back to Europe for a couple years… is it ready to have me back?! Heheeh… Ready for Fun Fun Fun : )

Looking forward to meeting Ya’ll : )


Hi All,
Me and my friend Emma are also on this trip. We’re coming all the way from cold Victoria in Australia. Can’t wait!! :slight_smile:


Hey :slight_smile:

Mel- Wow sounds good, all around the world huh :slight_smile: I thought I just cover europe then see how much money Ive got left!

Sounds like Im the only Brit going! Haha, fine by me, youll have to educate me on Australia/NZ :stuck_out_tongue: