European Pathway 22 June


My sister and i have just booked our tour for the 22nd June departure. Is anyone else booked in for this tour?

Cheers :slight_smile:


Yep! I’m booked in! I just saw your post after I’d already started one hehe :slight_smile:
Where are you and your sister from? I’m travelling by myself. Not long to go now!!


Hi girls, im also on this tour and travelling alone. I’m from Melbourne.
Are you doing much traveling after the tour?


Hey! Its so good to hear from someone from the tour!!
Well after the tour I have two weeks which are unplanned at the moment before I head to Greece and do a Greek Island hopper tour. Mostly using London as my base. I am going to be in the UK/Europe for two months. What about yourself?


Hey its great to hear there will be someone else travelling alone.

Will this be everyone’s first time in Europe?


Hello Again,

Its good to hear from some fellow Oz girls travelling. This will be my sisters and my first Europe Adventure. We are heading over at the end of May to travel Scotland and England before the tour starts. Its very exciting. We cant wait to meet you all. As long as i figure out how to limit how much luggage i seem to be attempting to take.

See you all soon
Shez and KT


Oh sorry Jess, im from Newcastle and my sister is from Sydney. :slight_smile:


Haha Shez my problem exactly! But so many people have reminded me that they do sell clothes over there hehe! Shez you will have to give me tips on the best places to go in Scotland as I will be heading there after the tour :slight_smile:
This is my first time travelling Europe too! I have family in London which helps! Is anyone staying at the Clink the night before/the night after??


Hey there Jess, I’ll be staying at the Clink.

I doubt I’ll be able to navigate myself at 6am around London so its probably best to stay there overnight :slight_smile:

Is anyone taking a sleeping bag? The itinery suggests for us to take one… apparently we’re sleeping on a boat?


Yeah thats a good thought! Are you staying the night the tour finishes?
I wasnt planning on taking a sleeping bag. It says you can bring a sleeping bag liner if you wish…I was looking through the list of hotels/hostels last night and I didnt see anything about staying on a boat??


oops! I read page 2 wrong ïf you are on a trip that goes Flotilla Sailing in Greece bedding is not provided"… well that saves on luggage :slight_smile:

I am staying at the Clink two nights prior to the tour and the night we get back. I think it’ll be hard to get around london with luggage after 9pm… Are you?

Are you going to be staying at hotels or hostels for the rest of your trip? It’ll be my first time in a hostel… so a little bit nervous lol


Haha cool- you had me worried for a bit! Yeah I’m thinking I will stay at the Clink the night before. So we’ll have to meet up!
The night after I will probably just taxi it back to my relatives place. When I’m in London I will be staying with them. Otherwise I’ll be staying in hostels too! It actually makes me more excited than nervous cos I its the BEST way of meeting people!

When are you leaving Australia Anna? I’m getting to London on the 16th so I have a few days to recover from the jet lag hehe


Yes of course! It’ll be fun to meet up just before the tour.

I have my uni exams, so I’m not leaving sydney until the 19th and get in to London on the 20th.

I’m sure you’ll meet lots of people on the tour so you’ll have more than enough people to hang out with! So are your relatives taking you around? I’m thinking of buying a lonely planet guide and taking that around :slight_smile:


Wow, awesome end of exams celebration!!

My cousins will be taking me around London for sure which is exciting. I’ve also been talking to a chick that I am doing another tour with and she actually lives in London so has offered to be my tour guide too!
The rest I will be doing solo. I just ordered a copy of “Europe on a Shoe String” so I’m sure that will be my bible!!

How long are you in Europe for?


Hey Jess,

I’ll be in London til the 12th July and then playing it by earing, wondering through Europe until the 25th July.

What about you?


Great! Well I get to London on the 16th June. Then in London for two weeks after our tour finishes until I head to the Greek Islands. Not long to go now guys!! ;D


hey everyone just wondering wen jess and shez your greek island hopper your starts as i am doin this tour on 23 july :slight_smile:


I was to go on trip too… but i dropped it due to some reasons… :frowning: all the best to you… enjoy… :slight_smile:


Hi Hayley my Greek Island hopper starts July 25. So we will probably cross paths there too!! I cant believe its only a few days away. I have been in London for a few days and loving it! If anyone is staying at the Clink on Tuesday night lets catch up :slight_smile: