European Pathway 20th September - 6th Oct


Lots of time to get to know each other. Anyone going? Anyone going alone? Anyone excited about the oktoberfest?

I’m Brazilian, 25 yo :slight_smile: second time in europe.


I’ll be doing the same trip! I’m 32 this will be my first ever trip Europe and travelling solo so slightly nervous but excited!


Awesome! I’ve been to Europe for the first time last year, but in a completely different type of trip, so I’m very nervous as well. Where are you from?


I’m from Australia! yes I’m just trying to prepare for everything and try and save now! I’m excited for Oktoberfest!


Hi lovelies! I am considering this trip. This will be my first time overseas and will be travelling solo, so I am so so nervous but extremely excited. Doing a bit of research to see what is best for me :slight_smile: What made you guys consider this particular trip?


Personally, I was looking for a trip within my vacation days from work, that covers a good portion of Europe, and ends in Amsterdam (well, I’m leaving the tour in Amsterdam, instead of going back to London). I’m staying in London for 6 days on my own, then another 6 days in Amsterdam, by the end of the trip, because these are the cities I loved the most when I went to Europe last year. And I wanted to return, but I also wanted to see more places and find new favorite cities to return someday!
Also, the fact that we’ll be in Munich during the Oktoberfest was a big plus!


I chose it because Oktoberfest!
that and apparently the weather is quite nice and hopefully I’ll have enough spending money!
getting close now!


I just booked my trip - I’m also solo and in London 3 days before the tour starts! Very excited to check out Oktoberfest as well.

If anyone is in London ahead of time let me know!


I’m gonna be in London from 14th of September to the day of the trip. Will you stay in the Wombats?


I’m not - but I’m only like half a mile away at an airbnb!


I’m staying at the wombats from the 15th I think ? I was scared about sleeping in if I had to stay anywhere else!
it could possible be from the 16th by the time I arrive in London!


We’re definitely going to meet before the trip. I arrive by the 14th and I stay at the Wombats, for the same reason as you. I had a good hotel near Baker street, but when I got the info that I had to be at the Wombats so early, I changed to Wombats. What are your plans for London? Mostly touristic spots? Nightlife? Shopping? :slight_smile:


Yes definitely! I checked I’ll be there from the 16th onward!
I may try and catch up with a friend but other than I may play a bit of a tourist but I definitely want to check the nightlife a bit! how about you ?