European pathway 20th june 2012!


YO! Anyone coming on this tour? :slight_smile:


mine departs on the 13th of June - i haven’t found anyone else on my tour yet!!


Ah wicked, yer hopefully people will come on this tour! is it your first top deck? I’m going with a friend and its our first time on a top deck tour!


Im going on the 27th June, same as toni! Heads up if you’re booked for the 27th June European Pathway :slight_smile:


yeh its my first top deck - first time o/s and i’ll be on my own - totally excited but also heaps nervous. especially because i can’t find anyone else on my tour!! could you imagine if it was just me and the driver!!??

actually i think im more worried that it will be all couples !!!


June tours will definitely be booked out since it’s peak season, so you don’t have to worry about your tour not being full. I know my tour, the 27th June is already booked out - a little nervous as well but bloody can’t wait, i know other people will feel the same.


YAY!!! finally I found someone doing this tour!
hi my names Tim from NZ!!! where are you from?


On the tour that starts on the 20th?!


20th of june is the one i have booked for!


Ah wicked :slight_smile: I’m from the uk! How old are you etc?


Where abouts in the UK?
Im 20, and from NZ! Its my first trip overseas and I chose a 27 hour flight…woops!! Part time studying and working
How old are you, etc?


I’m from the south coast, so ages away from NZ! :slight_smile: 27?! thats mad! I’m 18 and going to uni in september :slight_smile: I’m travelling with my friend, very excited :slight_smile:


Where about’s on the coast are you from? What do you study at uni? I’m studying to be a teacher, (easiest subject I could think of) :stuck_out_tongue:
Lucky that you know someone already on the trip, always good, that way if you get lost you will be lost with them haha
I started uni today


Near Portsmouth! I haven’t left college yet but I’m doing adventure and extreme sports management in September :stuck_out_tongue: a teacher that’s pretty cool :slight_smile: do you have Facebook?


oh awesome! not to far from London then! adrenalin freak? have you sky dived before?
yea I do, add me please if you have it to

I have a friend that does something similar to that course, he does a lot of trips all over, all exciting stuff! sounds intense


i haven’t sky dived before no, but looks incredible… i’ve added you on facebook :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone! I’m heading on the European Pathway tour departing 20th June. Looking to meet some people before going over. Add me on Facebook 'Matthew Hanlon’
Looking forward to meeting people! Super keen as it’d my first trip overseas by myself :slight_smile:


hey matthew,
good to see more people adding to this trip! it will be my first trip overseas also, 3 months away…times running out!


Hey everyone, I’ll be on Euro Pathways 20th June as well! I’ll be going with two friends…

good to see theres a few of us on here now…


TONI… I’m on the 13th too :slight_smile: I’m from sunny coast in qld. :slight_smile: