European pathway 2016 September 14th-30th


Hey I’m Brittaney from Queensland, Australia I’m booked for the European Pathways trip for the 14th of September and was just wondering who else is going to be on the same trip? :grinning::blush:


I’m Kaila, I’m from Melbourne.
I’m going on this trip :slight_smile:


Hey! Oh yay, how exciting!!!
Are you coming to London a few days before the trip starts? :blush:


So exciting!
Yeh I am, I’m staying at wombats for 4 days beforehand.
How about you? :slight_smile:


Well I’ll be in London on the 10th of sep so about 4 days ahead as well!! :smile: Are you solo travelling as well? And have you got much planned for your 4 days in London??


Oh cool! Are you staying at wombats as well? Or elsewhere?
Yeh I’m solo travelling too :smile:
I don’t really have plans yet, just your usual touristy things I guess! Haha
How about you?


Well i haven’t booked any accomodation as of yet but that is where I will be staying defiantly in London! :blush:

I haven’t got anything planned as of yet but I’m thinking the touristy things as well!


Also I just saw somebody’s post and they were talking about a thing called the London pass and Oyster card!! Have a look at them as they would be so handy in london! :blush:


Oh cool! :slight_smile:
Have you been to London before? :slight_smile:
Oh yeh actually I just remembered as part of my hostel package, I get a 1 day hop on hop off sightseeing tour and a 3 day underground & bus pass (I’m not sure if it’s an Oyster card or not? I think it may be different). Haha


No I haven’t, have you? :blush:
Wow that sounds great, if you don’t mind me asking but how did you go about getting the package deal, who do you go through? :slight_smile:


No I haven’t either! :smile:
It was just through topdeck! It’s called the London Break- Hostel package! :blush:


Okay, I finally found the London break offer you were talking about! It looks really good! So what day do you get into London? :blush:


Yeh my travel agent recommended it to me cause it has everything which is great.
I get into London on the 11th of September :smile:


Hey I’m Abby from New Zealand and I’m booked on this trip as well! I’m staying at Wombats the night before and arrive in London on the 9th but am yet to book this accommodation, the hostel package sounds good. :smile:


Hey, that’s so exciting our trip is coming up so quickly! But the package looks like such a good idea! I get into London from Athens on the 10th! :blush:


Yeah sounds like staying in the hostel for the few days before the tour while doing touristy things in London would be the way to go!
That’s cool! Will you have been traveling around Greece? I’m thinking of going there straight after our tour! :blush:


So exciting! Yeh I can’t believe how soon it is now!
Yeh I liked the idea of the package because then you have everything you need to get around etc, without the worry! :smiley:


Hi everyone,

I am Ruth and from Sydney and my friend Joel and I will also be doing this tour and will be staying in at Wombats from Sept 10th until our tour.


Yeah Abby I’m doing a 9 day busabout tour around the Greek Islands before the trip! :blush: