European Pathway 20-Sept to 6-Oct 2017


Hi Guys so I’ve booked European Pathway 20-Sept! pretty excited but just wondering who else has booked this and traveling solo? and a question for those who have gone before if they can offer any tips for budget? i’ll be in London for a few days before and i’ll probably end up in either Munich or Oslo after just wondering mainly if people can offer tips on what to wear weather wise and how much is a good amount to budget for?


I got 240£ to last me 2 days in london, food and visiting places. Any left over I’ll use when I go back :slight_smile:

For rest in Euro I budget for €70 day… (based on a median) from what I’ve read and what I’ve been told by others who have been already


No suggestions but I’m flying in the 17th and also on this tour! I just confirmed and booked everything and I’m so excited!


oh awesome!
I’m flying in on the 15th! Everything for me is booked I’m just saving money now and waiting for my passport to arrive!