European Pathway 18th May


I just booked in the European Pathway, leaving on the 18th May. As I am travelling alone I would love to get to know some of my companions before we meet in London.

Looking forward to some amazing times!




I am on this tour as well and also travelling alone! From what I hear this trip is AMAZING!

Can’t wait!



It will be a whirlwind tour but should get some amazing experiences and photographs out of it.

I am from Australia by the way.


Mhairi (pronounced Varee)



It definitely will be busy. I cannot wait, I’ve already started mapping out places I want to go to during spare time!!!

I’m from Canada btw.

Maryam :slight_smile:


Ha. I didn’t see that nationality was listed.

I am spending a week in London before the tour. Do you have any exciting plans?




I get to London 3 days before the tour… Spending time with family and sightseeing in between!

A little over 5 weeks left!!



My girlfriend and I are booked on this tour! We’re getting so excited for the trip! And we’re also eager to meet all our tourmates.


My friend and I are also going on this cheeky tour! We’re from England so be nice to us, we cannot wait to meet you alllllllll!


My friend and I are also doing this tour! We’ll be meeting up with the tour in Amsterdam so we will see you all there in just a little over a week!!! Can’t wait!


Hi everyone!

I think I was the last person to just book this trip! haha crazy but I’m super excited.
I’m travelling alone and was wondering if anyone will be staying at the Clink hostel a few days early?