European Pathway 15th May 2013


Hi Everyone,

I’m Alyx from Sydney, Australia :slight_smile: My best friend and I will do doing the European Pathway tour starting 15th May. We are so excited! Who else will be joining up on this trip?!


Hi Alyx! My name is Shanta and I’m from Auckland in New Zealand, and have booked this trip too! I am super excited, started packing already haha!!!


Hi Shanta :slight_smile: Haha wow you’re very organised! Although it’s not too far away ;D


Hi Guys, I’m from Auckland and coming on this trip too :stuck_out_tongue:
Sooo can’t wait!!!
Shanta - are you travelling solo too?


Hey guys, I’m Katie from Melb Aus.

I will be going on this trip as a lone soldier and would be keen to get to know people before I go! Hopefully make some travel buddies to sightsee with!

I can’t wait :slight_smile:


Hi Hayley and KT, glad to meet some more people who will be doing the tour!

My friend I would be more than happy to have any of you as sightsee buddies :slight_smile:


Awesome Alyx! I’m hoping that given I’m sharing with roomies, I can get to know ppl as I’m pretty shy to begin with :slight_smile: oh and hi Hayley!

I’m tipping I will be one of the oldest on the tour at the ripe old age of 30. Hope that doesn’t bother anyone?! We will be in Amsterdam for my birthday actually! PAAAARTY!!!


Hi all,

Name is Matt from Perth Aus. Travelling solo too and be good to get to know a few of you before the trip.

Is anyone getting into London a few days before the tour starts?



Hey Matt!

I’m a solo traveller, ill be arriving in London the day before on the 14th :slight_smile:


Kt, A birthday whilst in Amsterdam! That’s awesome ;D

Hi Matt, my friend and I will be flying into London on the 13th so we have a day or so to do some exploring there and then we’ll be staying for a few days after the tour as well!


Hi everyone

  • so happy I am not the only solo traveller amongst the group!!!
    Yep I am actually in London for 5 weeks prior :slight_smile: haven’t got anything planned at all for the night before we leave - including accommodation… any ideas??

Fantastic a birthday in Amsterdam!!!
I also have about 8 days after the tour finishes before I come home where I again haven’t planned… I am sure the tour will give ideas for where to head back to!



Yea I am getting in 3 days prior and also have a couple weeks after which I havnt got anything booked in but thinking keeping it open might be a better option.

As far as accomodation prior goes there is a place called ‘the clink’ which is associated with Topdeck which gives good rates and is where (I think) we depart from anyway which makes it easy. not 5 star but will do the job!!


Hi everyone!

I just booked the trip and will be travelling by myself. It’s my first time to Europe, and I’m super excited! I’m from Chicago. I haven’t figured out my flight yet, but am hoping to stay in London a few nights after the tour.

You all seem fun! Can’t wait can’t wait!


So close now! I was a little sad about spending my birthday alone but it’s great to know I will have you guys around :slight_smile: and that a few of us are lone travellers! Btw how old are you guys!? I’m turning 31 :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’d be great spending your birthday in Amsterdam!! Im sure we’ll make it a good one.

As for age, I am 24. Personally I am absolutely terrible at gauging how old someone is, but I wouldnt worry about age, we are all there to have a good time!!


Not to worry Kt, I’m sure it will be made very memorable!

I’m 22 and my friend is 23 - I have no doubt we’ll all get along great no matter what our ages :slight_smile:


Yep was thinking I will just book the night before at that clink place too.
I am 28…
I fly out to London next week!!! Woop woop


Hey guys!!
I am Kelly I’m from gippsland in Victoria. So excited for this trip. I will be in London as of the 11th. Would love to meet some travel buddies before we get going. A birthday in Amsterdam is going to be awesome!! Oh and I’m 25 :slight_smile:


Hey everyone!

I just booked this tour as well, super excited to head out there to Europe for the first time. I’m 25 from Canada and will be travelling solo as well. I fly into London on the 12th and will be staying at the Clink. Would be great to meet some of you beforehand!


I’ll be in and around London from the 2nd, we should all meet up somewhere the week before the tour! Yup I’m doing the tour alone too, so glad there’s others!