European pathway 13 June


Anyone on this tour leaving London on June 13 2012?


Hey, ill be on this tour! :slight_smile:


Sweet :slight_smile: Where abouts are you from?


I’m from Ballarat, Vic. not long now! when do you arrive in london?


I know I’m so excited!!! A wk an one day!! I arrive on the 6th June in the Arv :slight_smile: what about u? R u going on ur own?


awesome! i leave in 2 weeks! i arrive in london the day before our tour. yep going on my own :slight_smile: what about you?


oh nice, yeah im going on my own too :slight_smile: well im not sure what u r up to but I am staying at the hotel from the place we leave from for our tour, on the night before (if that makes sense). So if u r staying there too the night before then we can always meet up. Hopefully topdeck still gives us a global sim card cuz im just gonna bring a dodgy phone over n try n use that to stay in contact with people from our tour when we go out an stuff.


Yeah im staying at the same place the night before too so we should definitely meet up. I have actually ordered a global sim card through my travel agency, which will be good to have. i’ll add you on fb!