European Pathway - 13 June 2012


Hi! Anyone booked into the European Pathway tour for 13 June 2012 Departure?


My partner and I have a tentative booking for this trip depending on me getting my holidays approved, should find out tomorrow :smiley:


oh cool!! my leave still isn’t approved, but i booked anyway. think i’ll be quitting my job soon haha! all the best!


I’ve been considering booking it without approval, has been the longest week of my life waiting for the boss to come back to work.

We will be joining the tour in Amsterdam and leaving the tour in Paris as we are not going to London, I think I’m keen on skydiving in Swiss Alps too…


just found out that my leave has been approved. wow, i wasn’t expecting that.

im leaving the tour in paris too - heading to the airport that day and flying to portugal
oh yeh im planning on the sky dive. i have a MAJOR fear of heights, but i think i just need to do it!