European Paradiso July 1st to 28th


Hi everyone!

I just booked the European Paradiso trip which leaves London on the 1st of July.
I am going solo, and this is my first trip to Europe!

26 years young (ha) from Canada!

=) Let me know if you are going, and feel free to add me on Facebook.


Hi Sabine,

My friend and i are doing the Western Paradiso, which joins the European Paradiso from the 1st July until the 11th July. Looking forward to meeting you :slight_smile:

This is also our first trip to Europe. We are from South Africa.


That’s awesome!
It’s going to be fun!


Hey there, I’m Suzi, I’m doing the European Paradiso on 1st July as well starting in London. I’m 27 from Australia. Look forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:
I’m SO EXCITED I only just booked my trip today!!! WOOHOO!!! First time in Europe


Hi, im Dante, only just found the forum! i’m on the european paradiso leaving on the 1st of july! can’t wait :smile:


Yay, I can’t wait! Only 30 days now!!! :grin:


is anyone arriving in london a day or 2 early? i arrive on the 29th so it might be cool to meet some of you guys before the tour starts!


Hi Dante! I am arriving in London on the 28th. I have booked myself into backpackers hostels for the 3 nights prior to our tour. I would be happy to meet others beforehand too :slight_smile:

Edit: Anxiously waiting for someone else to respond. I have just learned that I can only post 3 replies to a thread which absolutely sucks…If anyone’s interested you can find me on Facebook instead.
If I don’t hear from you sooner then I will see you on the bus :sunglasses:

:v: Sue-Ann Connolly

P.S. Sabine and Ashton I could not find you guys on FB. I have heard from Dante and look forward to meeting him. And I hope to hear from others soon :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, nice to see there is real people doing this tour. My friend and I will be joining you guys on the tour. while my friend goes with relatives, I will be staying on wombats for three nights leading to the tour starting on 28th. I will be in another hostel from 26 to 27.
Thinking of checking out the harry potter museum and stonehedge, hit me up!!
From Sydney. First timers. :slight_smile: :sunglasses:


Heya Suzi, i’m coming!


Hi Andy! Please add me on Facebook :slight_smile:
Also, there’s a Top Deck app with a group chat on it too you could add if you’re interested
Hope to hear from you soon


Hi Sudip! I just looked for you on Facebook and my word there are so many with that name! Please feel free to add me please. I would love to see stonehenge!!!
My name is Sue-Ann Connolly if you want to be Facebook buddies :slight_smile:
I will be in London from the 28th