European Paradiso info


Hi! I just went on the European Paradiso camping trip. If you have any questions about anything related to this trip (or any other camping trip/anything about the places this trip goes) feel free to ask here!! I had so many questions before going, so I thought I would post in this forum for everyone. :slight_smile:


I want to know about the schedule European Paradiso Camping Trip. Especially the travel itineraries…


It’s all on their main website if you just put in “European paradiso?”


I have a queation!
So on camping tour what is the access to wifi like? Contemplating gettingg an oversea sim but everysays the hotels have wifi , but on on a camping tour.


Hey! So for a couple of the campsites the wifi worked in our tents. But there was always good wifi except for 1 of the sites at the lobby (which is like a hostel hang out area).
For the hostels nearly all of them had wifi in the rooms. If not, they would have wifi in the lobby areas.
There’s always wifi at cafes and such all over Europe. I had a phone plan where I could use data which I actually used lots because it was good for google maps when we needed directions.


If you dont mind me asking what sim did you have?


Hey there, I’m planning on doing an European Paradiso in 2018 and came across your thread. This will be my first camping trip so wondering what the campsites are like in terms of hygiene and access to general facilities? Also what was the overall trip like as I can see it does cover quite a few places in a month?


I just used my plan I had from home


It was an amazing trip!! Sardinia is beautiful! The campsites are nice, I won’t like towards the end I upgraded to a hostel nearby a few times because I was over sleeping in a tent and on an air mattress. The tent set up and all that is easy but you also have to set up the cook tent and such. I was just over the whole camping thing ahahah! But they were all nice and clean. Lots w pools and some even with water slides! But if there’s a storm of any kind just spend the $30 and go to a hostel! The camping really brought the group together on a different level, it was a really great experience.


Would you say you felt like all the campsites were safe? And how were the shower/bathroom arrangements? Thanks!!


I never felt unsafe! And the bathrooms are as nice as a campground bathroom would be


Hi Meg - i am looking at the June 2018 trip and wondered if you could tell me about the camping as this would be my first time. Did you find setting up a tent every night took away from time exploring the towns? Were the dinner meals that were included in the package involved eating out at local restaurants or were they made at camp? How much involvement did you have to do with making the food and setting up camp etc? Did you need to bring your own bedding? Sorry for the questions!