European Paradiso August 11-September 7th!


Hey guys,

I am a solo traveller from Edmonton, Canada! If anyone else is going on this trip holla at ya girl!


Heya! I just booked these dates yesterday, so excited! I’m from Perth, Western Australia, and travelling solo too! When are you planning on arriving into London?


Hey!! I plan on getting to London on the 9th! How about you?


Either the same day, or I was going to fly in 4th or 5th and explore London pre-tour.


That’s awesome! Yes I agree, I really wanna see London before the tour.


Hey I’m from Melbourne, I’m travelling solo too! I’m going to be in London from the 7th


Hi! I’m not on the European Paradiso but I’m traveling on the Eastern Paradiso which joins you guys on the 19th of August in Barcelona and continues with you to London! I’m travelling solo also from Perth, Western Australia, can’t wait to meet you all! :slight_smile:


How exciting! Two Chelsea’s on the same trip, double trouble :wink: When are you heading over to Europe?


I’ve still got to book flights and pre-trip accom, but I’ll be there around the same time! Where are you thinking of staying before the trip kicks off?


Same name and same city, really will be double trouble :joy:. I leave here on the 16th of August and am flying to London than Barcelona arriving on the 18th and meeting you guys on the 19th :grimacing: it’s gonna be a long few days but so worth it! Are you planning to stay in London after the trip at all? after the tour finishes I’m doing a week in London before heading home on the 14th.


Groovy! I still have yet to book my flights, but I’m looking at being in London the week before the trip starts and one or two days at the end. Can’t believe how close it is! I live down in Busselton but come up to Perth every now and then, we should catch up for a coffee before we go over!


I know! it’s not too long until we’re all there! I’m in Bunbury now and then as well because most of my family live down in Bunbury and surrounding towns, I also have a cousin who lives in Busso! So if you’re ever up here we can definitely meet up for coffee, hopefully I won’t be working. I have been working so much to save for this trip hahaha, or if I’m in Bunbury we could meet up then as well!


Hey guys! I’m from Sydney! My partner Josh and I are starting this tour in Paris, and will be staying in London a few days after the tour, we are SO excited.