European Paradiso - 7th July 2017!


G’day everyone! I’m Chris, from Sydney AUS, and I am really looking forward to the Euro. Paradiso trip on 7/7/17. I can’t wait!

It will be my 2nd TopDeck trip after an epic experience back in mid 2014. I’ll be re-visiting some amazing places but still seeing and experiencing so much more this time too.

So, who else will be joining me…?? :slight_smile:


Hi Chris! I’ll be joining you on this trip, and I’m absolutely excited too. If you get the Topdeck app, there’s a group chat where you can speak to anyone else going on the 7th of July European Paradiso :slight_smile:


Hey Cara!

Cheers for that :+1:. I posted on the app’s group chat a week or so ago, so hopefully we can trigger more msgs and conversation.

I was having some access issues with the app for a while, but their tech staff have resolved that now :slight_smile:


Thinking of booking this trip but not sure — worried about being the old fart - I’m 27 from Toronto - whats the age range in the group so far on the app?