European Paradiso 5/08-1/09


Hey Guys I am travelling Solo on European Paradiso on the 5th August 2016. Would love to hear from anyone who is going!


Hey I’ll be traveling from London to Barcelona on the 5th of August, on this trip, I’ll also be traveling alone so would be good to make contact with anyone else on the this trip


Where you from ?


Hey Ben I am
Travelling from Sydney! You should get the top deck app, this tour has a group chat :slight_smile: that way you can meet the rest :smile:


Hey I’m from Cambridge in the UK, so I know Europe quite well, and ill get the top deck app when I have recovered my hacked iTunes haha, have you ever traveled with top deck?
I’m actually currently waiting on a australin working visa as well so I’ll be headed to your part of the world soon


Awesome find me on Facebook so we can chat easier!


McLachlan is my surname