European Odyssey


Anybody else out there doing the European Odyssey on May 17?


Nup :sunglasses:


Hey Ondrea:)[br][br]Close, but I’m going on the 31st May Euro Odyssey! I’m glad someone else has picked that tour though, so far haven’t found anyone![br][br]Have a fabulous trip:)


awww close but no cigar


Hey Ondrea, [br][br]I’m now on the Odyssey tour starting 17th May! The one I was booked on has been cancelled so I’m busy shuffling stuff around![br][br]Are you going alone or travelling with someone? I’ll be staying at the Globetrotter for 2 nights before the trip starts… just have to change flights before I can confirm bookings.[br][br]Anyway, good to know someone will be joining me![br][br]Tammy:)


Hey Tammy,[br][br]Yay somebody else is coming on my tour - always good to know there’s someone else out there :stuck_out_tongue: not good that you’re tour got cancelled tho, i thought it would be quite busy at that time of year![br][br]Im travelling with my Boyfriend (Scott), how about you? Neither of us have even been out of the country before so very exciting! We’ll be staying with Scott’s brother in London before and after the trip, although the Globetrotter does sound like a better idea - we don’t even know how close he lives at the moment![br][br]Hope everything goes well with changing your flights etc :)[br][br]Ondrea


Hi Ondrea, [br][br]I’m travelling by myself, scary but I can’t wait!! Nice that you have someone to stay with in London! I like the idea of staying where the tour starts so I know I won’t be late for the really early departure![br][br]Are you travelling before/after the tour? I’m also going on the Bravo Italia tour and the Edinburgh mini break. [br][br]Thanks, it’s a bit of a nightmare trying to change flights! Hopefully I’ll get it sorted out by the end of the week.[br][br]Tammy:)[br][br]


Hey Tammy hope you got your flights and everything sorted. There’ll be alot of others travelling alone aswell so i don’t think you have anything to worry about :slight_smile: i think we’re staying at the Globetrotter the night before now too, I decided the idea of finding my way across London at that time of the morning doesn’t sound so great! haha[br]No we haven’t got anything planned for before or after the tour, we’re already taking 5 weeks off work and i don’t think my boss will let me squeeze any more out of her :stuck_out_tongue: Sounds like you’re making the most of your time over there tho - good on you! It will all be amazing im sure! :sunglasses:


Hey Ondrea, [br][br]Everything is organised and rebooked! I’m so excited, it is going to be time to leave before we know it!![br][br]What do you think about traveller’s cheques? I saw in the pre-departure info that they recommend them, but everyone I know says they are way too much trouble and I should just use cards (thinking about the ANZ travel card). What are you guys planning on taking?[br][br]Good idea to stay at Globetrotter, way easier that way! :)[br]


ive been told that the travellers cheques while safe are hard to change now… hotels/shops dont really do it anymore… everything is by card[br][br]i already have my ANZ Travel Cards :slight_smile: I got them while our dollar was up! lol I have one for GBP and another for EUR, plus i’ll be taking my credit card, leaving emergency money in my bank account here and i’ll change some money over before i get there :)[br][br]ANZ travel card works out cheaper than the Travelex Passports, they cost less to set up, you dont have any conversion fees, etc. with the ANZ one the only thing u really have to pay for is setting it up ($11) and when you take money out (i think its like $2 or something) but you can use it just like an eftpos card, its just prepaid. you cant book anything over the net with it, it just taking money out and in store purchases… if you need to recharge it, there is a fee, but thats the same with the cash passport, but once again i think that the travel card is cheaper… :slight_smile: just do a bit of research into it :)[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Travellers cheques are really inconvient… [br]Places to exchange them are hard to find. And the time you can spend wasting just in order to get them changed is annoying. We waited for an hour at one place just so that a girl could change them.[br]ATM’s are around everywhere most of the time. Just get a few euro’s or pounds out enough to last you a few days to a week and you should be fine.[br]I just took my atm card and a travelex passport at the time and did fine. I didn’t know anything about the ANZ travel card though at the time.[br]Each time you withdraw money from your account the banks will normally charge you A$5 each time which is why its good to withdraw a reasonable amount of money at a time.


Thanks for the advise! I feel much better now, I was leaning towards the ANZ travel card and I think I’ll go with that :slight_smile:


Hey guys, what’s the ANZ travel card? Im in NZ and haven’t heard of it over here. We have a card here called Loaded though and it’s basically a re-loadable Visa debit card - you pay for the card and then load it with your own money, and can use it anywhere that you can use a normal Visa card, and can withdraw via ATM etc - is it the same sort of thing as the ANZ travel card? It’s only new so I wasn’t sure whether that was the way to go or not cos i have nobody to ask yet![br]Tammy looks like we are the only ones on our tour - nobody else has replied :stuck_out_tongue: do you know what the ages of people on the hotel tours are like? a few people have asked me if people on the hotel tours are more older and responsible that the hostel type tours, but i wouldn’t have a clue! :slight_smile:


the ANZ Travel card isnt available in NZ - my bestie over there was looking for it[br][br]basically it sounds just like the Loaded card that u have found :)[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Hi Ondrea, [br][br]I have no idea about the ages of people on hotel tours, I guess mid to late 20s maybe? Not sure! I’m 24 by the way, you?[br][br]I haven’t found anyone on my other tour either - no one seems to be doing the ‘Explorer’ tours that I’ve seen actually! I’m still hoping more people will pop up before we go though. [br][br]Today is exactly 8 weeks until I fly to London! I can’t wait, I’ve been planning this for ages and now it’s nearly time to go;D What day are you guys leaving NZ?


Yeah about mid 20’s would be my guess too. I’m 23 and Scott’s 27 (we will be 24/28 in june/july - he gets to have his bday in London, lucky :p). Is your other tour a guaranteed departure? i’m sure there will be lots of people on it (just not on here!), it’s such a good time of year to go.[br]We leave NZ on 13th May - it will be 6 weeks on Tuesday until we fly out, I can’t wait!! I want the travel docs from my travel agent!! have you got yours yet? I don’t even know what’s in them - i have never travelled before :sunglasses:


Yeah my other tour is a guaranteed departure now too, so that’s a relief!! It is a really good time of year, my second tour is 22 June which is even better! I guess people just haven’t discovered the forums.[br][br]Lots of people on here are having birthdays while overseas, I wish mine was then too! Fantastic birthday pressie![br][br]Nope, haven’t got my docs yet, last time I spoke to Topdeck they said we get them about a month before the tour starts… so I’m thinking we should get them around 17 April :slight_smile: I can’t wait to get them too, so exciting![br][br]Are you going to get an Oyster Card for London transport? I’m thinking of buying it before I leave Aus but I’m not sure where to get it, don’t know if you can buy it from the offical website unless you live in the UK. Know anything about it?[br][br]I’m going to organise my Visa travel card thing on Wednesday, very exciting… it’s getting closer! 6 weeks!! ;D


I was thinking about the Oyster card for London, but i think for the amount of time we will actually be spending in London itself we might aswell just pay as we go, sounds like you will be there for longer tho so i’d say it would be pretty useful for you, not having to worry about cash etc. I don’t know if they send them overseas, when i looked on their website i couldn’t see anything about international postage. But you can buy them from the rail stations etc over there, so maybe just picking one up when you get there would be easier?[br][br]You got your travel visa thing sorted? I still haven’t decided whether i’m going to use the NZ equivalent ‘Loaded’ or just my credit card, maybe half and half? :p[br][br]Less than 6 weeks until we go now, time is starting to go real fast!!


I managed to find a travel agent in Sydney who sells the Oyster Card so it should be arriving any day now!! I thought it would be better to get it before I leave so I can avoid queues and/or added stress when I arrive! Yeh, I will be there for about two weeks all together and plan on doing lots of hopping on and off trains and buses, so it’ll be great for me :)[br][br]Yep… got my travel cards! Was exciting, makes it all seem very close and real! I’m taking my credit card too as a back up.[br][br]I know, can’t believe it’s less than 6 weeks! I’m so excited this week can’t stop talking about it to everyone who will listen![br][br]Starting to worry about packing… are you going to follow their packing list or do you think you need more clothes than that!? I don’t want to over pack, but I don’t want to get there and be longing for something different to wear. What you think?


pack light!! just imagine carrying your backpack/suitcase for a whole day…[br][br]if u need anything over there, just buy it :slight_smile: like a t-shirt or jeans, ets… the u could say something classy like “i picked this up in Rome” lol[br][br]which travel cards did u end up getting?? the cash passport or the ANZ Travel card?[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak