European Odyssey


Hello, I have just booked to go the the European Odyssey on the 29th September, I am super excited and nervous. I will be travelling alone. Just wondering who else is going on this tour? :slight_smile:


hi daniela,
my husband and i are also booked in for this tour. super excited and counting down the days…202 to go!!! :slight_smile:



Hi Sarah,
That’s great, i can’t wait! Where are you from? are you staying in London a few days before the tour starts?
Daniela :slight_smile:


hello! i’m also booked in for this tour with my boyfriend, i’m so excited!! we will be getting into London on the Tuesday before, so glad I’ve found others on the same tour!!


Hey Daniela, is this ur first overseas trip? this is my first trip going alone i have been to Bali with my ex husband, so I’m very nervous too, gosh and i see ur from Melbourne, I’ve just moved back to western Australia from melb we could of caught up before the big trip…never mind ;D


we’re staying in london for 2 1/2 days beforehand, doing a whirlwind tour and staying at the UMI. we’re from the gippsland area :slight_smile: so glad to speak to others on our tour…i’m a little anxious though as we’re both not really big drinkers and not sure if it’s a big drink fest or not…we’d just prefer to meet some great people, hang out and see the sights WITHOUT a hangover!! haha boring!!! lol


Hey Sarah, i fly in on the 28 of Sept an I’m staying at the UMI as well the night before the tour and the night we finish the tour as well, i have also have a extra 4 days after the tour to look around with a family friend, i understand about the drinking part in not a big drinker myself, and i don’t think it will be a big drink fest if it is you can still go out and have a great night and not drink, but i believe that it wont be


My boyfriend and I are on this tour as well! We will be staying at the hotel the night before and the night we get back.

What type of bag are you all taking? You all seem to be on the same page as us, I don’t mind going out but I don’t want to be hungover and tired the entire time.

So excited :slight_smile:


Hey Millie, yeah i don’t think that most of the Ppl are going to get drunk, I’m sure they want to enjoy the experience and meet new ppl, I’m not sure what bag to take, suitcase or pack pack, not really sure where to go with that one


Hi Kylee, Millie & Sarah,
I am the same as you I like to go out but not get drunk I want to enjoy the experience. I am not sure what bag to take either :slight_smile:


Hi Eloise, Kylee and Millie!! my gosh, i signed up to get email notifications for when people reply on this thread and didn’t get any thinking that maybe no ones been online…i decide to jump on and have a look anyway and sure enough, there’s a million replies!! lol

Kylee, I’m taking a suitcase for all my clothes etc and a separate bag for on the bus…

Perhaps those of us that are staying at the UMI could meet up the night before??


hi kylee, millie, sarah and daniela! i was the same, wondering why i wasn’t receiving email notifications!

my boyfriend and i are pretty much old farts, not a lot of partying for us!! i can party at home!!

i haven’t thought about bags yet, i need to go suitcase shopping yet, friends of mine went on a school trip to italy a few years ago and it was advised that fanny packs (i think that’s the name for them) were the best to avoid any pickpocketers but i think i will stick to a backpack…

i’d love to meet up with others the night before, in less than 6 months! coming so quick!! paid for my UMI accomm last week, now all we have to do is wait!


is anyone else a stresshead like me?? i’ve read the itinerary a million times to work out exactly how much free time we have in each place…i’ve emailed a very helpful topdecker who has been able to answer a few of my questions…

i don’t know how much you guys have looked into doing extra things in different cities…when we’re in paris, i’ve got a list of 6 things i’d like to see/do…we arrive into paris at 5pm on the first day and head straight into our city lights tour which leaves only 1 day to do everything…we also want to do a tour of the colosseum and anne frank’s house in amsterdam…

has anyone else put together an itinerary of their own…also, have you pre-booked or will just do it when you get there??


hey sarah,

i’m attempting to not think about it too much now or i get way too impatient and want to go now!! i have started thinking of what i want to do, but it’s in it’s rough stages, but don’t worry i’ve read all the paperwork over and over as well!! i like to feel organised!!

so who’s coming skydiving in the alps with me?? :slight_smile:


Another one on this tour - and I am travelling alone too. I am booked to stay at the Umi the night prior, but may stay with a friend… undecided! I leave the tour a day early though in Amsterdam.

So glad I am not the only one travelling alone, I had visions of being the only single traveller on a bus load of loved up couples!


We are staying at the UMI the night before and after so it would be great to all catch up the night beforehand!

We both want to do the colosseum and Anne franks house as well but not sure whether to book now either! Anyone else booking tours prior to going?

Can’t believe it’s less than 5 months away now!


Hi jenna!!! nice to meet another newbie! LOL

millie, i’m thinking we’d be better off booking here especially as franko’s house sells out VERY quickly. the only thing is, you’re bound by the time you go…

everyone i’ve spoken to; topdeck staff and other tour group ppl say to just book there. i’d prefer to know that i definitely have a ticket etc…


4 months to go guys!!! ;D


I can’t believe it is so close! Sarah, you said you were booking Anne Frank tickets on here. How do we do that?

Are there are other tours you’re booking in advance?


ok so…last night we booked our london pass and london eye tickets…head to the viator website and enter the code vr5summer to get an extra 5% off…doesn’t sound like much but it’s better than nothing…we also booked our tickets for the eiffel tower for 10:30 am on the sunday. it’s a fast track ticket so we don’t have to wait around for hours!

i’ve checked out anne frank tickets millie, go to and follow the link to tickets. from there you can choose the date and a time to go, however october times haven’t come up yet as the museum hours change.

it seems i’ve had plenty of time on my hands!!! hahaha just so excited and want to make the most of it all!