European Odyssey


Just wondering if anyone is doing the European Odyssey leaving 13th July?


Nah I’m doing the next one starting August 1st, there aren’t many people that seem to be the euro odyssey trips at the moment, are u booked in to the 13th? or just looking at it?[br]jess


I’m booked in for the one on the 13th… just have to wait and see what happens i guess


I am! :slight_smile:


Cool… when do you leave for london ?


We’re leaving for London on the 6th July, but we’ll be going to Malta first then back to London in time for the tour :)[br][br]When are you heading over there? Have you got all your stuff sorted out yet?


I get to London on the 3rd July and staying with my brother… Picked up my tickets tonight, just trying to get last minute things organised… have you got everything sorted?


Pretty much. We went to the travel agents today to pick up all our stuff. The only thing we haven’t 100% sorted is the museum passes. I’ve read a couple of times on this site about the long queues & I want to avoid it as much as possible :stuck_out_tongue: Would you happen to know anything about getting museum passes before actually getting there?


Nah i have no idea but i have read about that as well! If you find out, let me know…