European Odyssey


Hi everyone,[br][br]I am travelling on the European Odyssey tour leaving June 13th. It would be great to hear from others who are going on this trip.[br][br]:slight_smile:


Hi,[br][br]I’m on the European Odyssey tour too. Do you have facebook?[br]


Hi Gabbi,[br][br]Great to hear from someone who will be on the same tour. Yeah I am on facebook, I will add you and hope to talk to you from there :slight_smile:


Hey [br][br]My girlfriend and i are doing this tour too. Not long now cant wait![br][br]David[br]Sydney, Australia


Oh great. I can’t wait either! :)[br][br]


Hi everyone![br]My fiance Andrew and I are doing the European Odyssey departing 13 June also. Its going to be so great!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :)[br]Claire[br]Australia


Hi,[br][br]I will be travelling by myself on the European Odyssey tour leaving June 13th so I am looking foward to speaking to people before hand that are also on my tour!!


Hi Guys,[br][br]Good to see some other people doing this tour. I am travelling with my partner. Should be great - not long to go now… counting days!


Yep counting down the days… I can’t wait!!!


Me either… started packing last night - think it may be a little bit of a mission. I am the world’s worst packer!


ha ha!!! I have got a few things together even tried the good old bathers on last night!!! I am so looking forward to this trip!!


At the moment my excitement is over riding the fact that I will be travelling solo, it’s comforting to hear from other people on the tour :slight_smile: I am going to layout all my things to pack this week. Leanne thanks for the bather reminder, I didn’t even think about them. I arrive in London 2 weeks from today!!! Can’t wait


Good to see Gem! We will be arriving in London on the same date! Only 12 more days!


hey gem and tia… I arrive London on the 12th and I will be staying at the Umi hotel. Are you guys staying there also??? and Gem don’t worry about being solo as I am on my own too!!! If your staying at the same hotel we will have to catch up for “pre-tour drinks” on the Friday!!


Hi Leanne and Gem,[br][br]Yes we are staying at the UMI the two nights before! Would be great to catch up for drinks before hand. I am getting so excited. Having trouble culling the to pack pile! Only 10 more sleeps!


yay thats great your staying at the Umi too. I am a little worried about packing as well!!! Oh well it will be an excuse for us to buy new clothes if we forget anything!!! not long to go now!!


Hi Tia and Leanne,[br][br]I’m not staying at the Umi before the tour, but I would love to catch up for a drink before the tour anyway. I will keep checking the forum. 9 more sleeps now! :slight_smile: yay!!!


Hello…[br][br]well I have just been to flight centre and picked up all my tickets… ok now i am really really really excited. I am looking forward to meeting you girls and having a few drinks!!! I have 14 days to go!!!


If you ladies have facebook add me. I am probabaly the easiest to find… i think i am the only one!


Ok I have sent you both a friend request on facebook (gem I think i chose you)!!! You were the only one in australia!!! so let me know!!!