European Odyssey vs. Getaway - Oct 5


Hello All![br]I am trying to decide between these two tours. I’m a 26 year old female from South Australia and will be travelling solo for the first time (I’m a little nervous about it to be honest and am worried about being the only one travelling alone on the tour). Can anyone recommend which tour would be better suited to me? Would be great to hear from other people (especially those going it solo) booked on either of these tours!!![br][br]Cheers!:slight_smile:


shirls, i am on neither. but just pick out something on one of the tours you really want to do and go with that tour. for me i could have chosen istanbul to london camping trip, but went with the Athens to London Camping Trip as i get to see gallipoli and istanbul and greece for an extra 7 days. Also depends on how much money you have to spend on the trip.[br][br]Live every day to the fullest as if it is your last


Thanks for the advice.[br][br]The other thing is what the difference is between the hotel tours and cabin/dorm tours??? Is there a significant difference? Anyone been on both to comment?


Its getting closer and I still haven’t decided!!! Anybody out there???


Hi Shirls79[br][br]I am 25 year old female from Western Australia and I am booked on the European Odyssey leaving on Oct 5. This is my first time overseas and I am also travelling solo, so don’t think you’ll be alone. I chose this tour because it had the most stops in Italy and it also stops in Prague which is one of the cities on my to do list. I am so excited !!![br][br]Hope this helps[br]


It’s so great to hear from you Tamika, I have been tossing up between these two tours and was leaning towards the Odyssey tour. So glad to hear I wouldn’t be the only solo traveller on the tour! [br]Have you travelled alone before on one of these tours? When are you getting to london and where are you staying prior to the tour starting? I will let you know when I book in!!!


Hi Shirls[br][br]This is my very first time overseas and my first time travelling on one of these tours, my best friend (who is a seasoned traveller) recommended Topdeck as the best tour company she’s been with!!![br][br]I arrive in London on Oct 4 at about 9pm and I’m staying at the Globetrotter Inn as recommended by Topdeck because I think this will be the easiest option as this is where they pick up from and it gives me a chance to meet some others on the tour hopefully. I’ve also booked another night at the Globetrotter in London at the end of the tour because the bus gets back in about 6pm.[br][br]Hopefully you book the same tour ;D[br][br]


Hi Tamika,[br][br]Have decided to book the Odyssey tour, but for 19 Oct, had to work around my job![br][br]Hope you have a fantastic time!!!