European Odyssey Tour 2010 - July 31st


Hi all

Myself and my wife are going on the European Odyssey tour leaving on the 31st July 2010. I am 27 and she is 29. Is there anyone else out there going on this one? We are pretty pumped for the trip and having some fun!



Hey Matt,

Yes, my fiancée and I have just booked for the 31st of July. She is 28 and I’m 25.
Its not long now.



Cool. Are you guys travelling around Europe before or after the tour?



Nah, just hanging around London for a few days before and after, and stopping in Dubai on the way up.
We only have a month off work, so don’t have much spare time.

Are you traveling around?



Hi guys,

My boyfriend and I are going on the European Odyssey tour too leaving on the 31st of July. I’m 24 and he is 20.

We have had it booked for quite some time and are very excited that it’s almost here! Can’t wait and it should be great fun!



Thats great Melissa. We have had ours booked for ages too and cant wait! We will be in london for a couple of days either side of the tour and we are travelling around Europe for a total 10 weeks. Absolutely cant wait! Dubai should be a bit on fun Matt.

One of my best mates went on this exact tour last July and he said that is awesome. He said do as much of the added stuff as you can afford because most of it is well worth it.

I look forward to meeting you guys! Only just over 5 weeks left!



Hi Everyone, I am Zara and will be travelling with my partner Jason. We have booked this trip since January and can’t wait for the holiday to start. We will be staying at the Umi Hotel on the 29th July before the trip. After the trip we will have a couple of days to explore London.

Is anyone staying at the Umi Hotel before the trip? It would be great to catch up for drinks.

Zara & Jason :-* B-)