European Odyssey September 17th - Oct 4th 2016


I’m from Australia and I’m doing this tour on my own and I was just wanting to start a community chat so we could all connect before the tour starts. I was thinking we could even make a facebook page so we could connect more easily. Looking forward to meeting everyone :slight_smile:


Hi Emma,
I will be on your tour for the ‘Soho to Boho’ segment from Paris to Prague. I am also Australian (WA) and travelling solo. I am looking forward to meeting you and everyone else on our tour!


Hi guys!
I will also be on the tour to Prague :relaxed: I am also also from Australia (Melbourne). It will be lovely to meet you both and everyone else!


Hi, Emma and Matthew!
My husband, Daniel, and I are also doing this tour and are looking forward to meeting the tour group. We agree, it would be great if we could all connect before hand and I’d be happy to add you on Facebook. We’re also from Aus (Melbourne).
Can’t believe how quickly the tour is coming up, YAY!
Hopefully talk soon,
Lani :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,
Great to see some people from Australia will be joining me. I’ve made a facebook event if you’d like to join. Here’s the link:

Hope that works. Otherwise just search for European Odyssey sept 17th -oct 4th 2016.

Em x